The Best Places To Raise A Family

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Top 10Los Altos was once again ranked among the top 10 places to raise a family. You may recall that back in 2005, the Wall Street Journal ranked Los Altos as the best place to raise a family on the West Coast. At the time, the Journal ranking was quite an honor for our community, while this current study highlights our continuity.

While rankings come out from time to time, we have chosen to highlight those that speak to raising a family here in Los Altos. Here is why …

The mission statement for the City of Los Altos reads as follows:

“The mission of our city staff, council, commissions, committees and volunteers is to foster and maintain the City of Los Altos as a great place to live and to raise a family.”

While there are bullet points associated with the mission statement, the main statement represents its overarching objective. The focus is simple, keep Los Altos great. The desired outcome is to maintain the quality of life here in town.

It is always nice to have independent assessments affirm the value of Los Altos. Recently, Rob, a blogger on the east coast, wrote the following:

Children PlayingHome buyers, who are parents, are always on the look out for the perfect place to raise their children. Places that have excellent schools are often preferred, and in many cases, is a major factor in deciding where to buy a home. While school quality is important, there other many other factors that buyers consider when selecting a residential neighborhood.

Andrew Schiller, a geographer and founder of Location Inc., conducted a study that ranked the top 10 family-friendly metro areas in USA. The rankings were derived using six criteria that included: the availability of good schools, low crime rate, high home ownership rates, high numbers of residents with college degrees, and the percentage of families with children and single-family homes.

When a community has high ownership rates, it reflects an investment in the location by the residents, which is a positive aspect. A high number of college-educated residents in a community increases the likelihood of greater community involvement in the schools, which contributes to school quality. Home buyers with children value communities that already have a lot of children. The social network for both the children and parents are great in such communities.

In the study, Schiller made out two lists, one that considered home prices and one that did not. The research was conducted twice for each metro area, once without considering cost, and the second time considering reasonably priced areas. This way, the study was expected to reflect the top 10 choices and the best value communities in the top 10 U.S. metropolitan areas for raising children.

When home values were not a factor, the top locales for families with children in the top 10 largest U.S. metropolitan areas were:

1.In the Boston metro area: Sudbury, Massachusetts.
2.In the New York metro area: Manhasset, New York
3.In the Philadelphia area: Richboro, Pennsylvania
4.In the Washington area: Potomac, Maryland
5.In the Detroit area: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
6.In the Chicago area: Lake Forest, Illinois
7.In the Dallas-Ft. Worth area: Highland Park, Texas
8.In the Houston area: Sugar Land, Texas
9.In the San Francisco Bay area: Los Altos, California
10.In the Los Angeles area: Moorpark, California

Village Park - Los AltosSo, there you have it … another independent ranking affirming why Los Altos is such a great community. Whether you are considering moving into Los Altos, or simply across town, we would be happy to help you find the home that is just right for you.

Call us today at 650-823-1434, or simply take a few moments to set up a quick home search, here. We look forward to working with you.