Los Altos … What A Great Place to Live!

There is no doubt that we feel fortunate to live in such an amazing area.  For the past 39 years, we have enjoyed living in Los Altos, and the immediate neighboring communities.

What initially motivated us to move into Los Altos was the quaintness and beauty of the Town.  What has maintained our desire to live here is the strong sense of community, our neighborhood schools, and the warmth and friendship of our neighbors.  This is truly a great place to live and raise a family.

Most importantly, we appreciate how our children have flourished educationally, from Kindergarten to their current schools.  There are a number of excellent educational choices in Los Altos.  The schools continue to drive innovation in partnership with students, parents, and the numerous private foundations located in the city.

Los Altos is an active community, characterized by tree-lined streets and a village atmosphere.  From the incredible schools, to the quaint shops and restaurants, to the annual traditions, Los Altos has something for everyone.

Below, we have provided a wealth of information and links so you can read as much about the Los Altos community as you wish.  However, we wanted to provide some of our personal insights as well.  We started to put together a “Top Ten” list on Los Altos, and quickly realized that it needed to be a “Top Fifteen” list.  We hope you will find this insight helpful in your decision to Move Into Los Altos!

David & Carol’s Top Fifteen Favorite Things about Los Altos:

  1. The SchoolsFifteen Favorite Things in Los Altos
  2. The Community
  3. Los Altos Pet Parade in May
  4. Los Altos Arts and Wine Festival in July
  5. Our Recreation Department
  6. Fall Festival in October
  7. Corvette Spectacular in September
  8. Festival of Lights Parade – the Sunday after Thanksgiving
  9. Downtown Los Altos Stroll
  10. The tree and menorah lighting ceremonies in December
  11. Los Altos Youth Center Dances for kids
  12. Los Altos Shops and Restaurants
  13. Downtown Movie Nights
  14. Thursday Night Farmers Market
  15. New Years Day Fun Run in Downtown

Read more or download this if you want to get more details on why we things these are our top fifteen things in Los Altos

We would love to help you Move Into Los Altos.  Give us a call, and we’ll provide you with an insider’s view, and a personal tour, of the many homes available.  We are confident you’ll find a Los Altos neighborhood waiting to welcome you with open arms.