LAHS Hosts 11th Science & Tech Week

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water-rocketFrom learning the mechanics behind vacuum technology to discovering the mysteries of bioluminescence in the deep seas, Los Altos High School students were exposed to varied science and technology careers last week.

The school hosted its 11th annual Science & Technology Week, inviting speakers from more than 30 industries and academia to discuss their career paths with students. Speakers covered such topics as public health research, oceanography, plant reproduction, machine intelligence, computer science and socially minded innovation.

The objectives of the week included demonstrating the value of math and science education to encourage students to take more associated classes during high school, raising awareness of the variety of related career opportunities, highlighting the diverse backgrounds of professionals and prompting students to think creatively and join the ranks of innovative thinkers for the next generation.

The week kicked off Oct. 19 with keynote speaker Robert Baertsch, vice president of software engineering at skyTran.

In a presentation open to the entire community, Baertsch addressed how today’s traffic congestion and climate change challenges can be resolved with innovative and green technology like Personal Rapid Transit systems. Baertsch is responsible for skyTran’s software control systems and helped develop the company’s magnetic levitation wing and motor controls.

Students last week could select from among more than 25 presentations covering topics such as medicine, psychology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, ecology, oceanography, engineering, art, math and space.

The Eagle Theater was packed during the Oct. 25 presentations, with students eager to hear the address by Jill Tarter, the Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI Research at the SETI Institute.

Her presentation – “Life Beyond Earth?” – examined the possibilities of living beings beyond what is known on Earth. Her presentation ended with thoughtful questions from students, such as, “Are there other universes?” “Do we all exist in a computer simulation?” “What will extraterrestrials look like?” and “Should we be trying transmit into space to discover?”

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