Cal Water Eases Water Restrictions

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Brown is the new greenCalifornia Water Service customers in the Los Altos District now have a water conservation target of 20 percent in the wake of an interim water-use reduction requirement implemented last month.

The Los Altos District aligned with its wholesale water supplier and other regional suppliers to set the target. The district previously had a 32 percent reduction requirement established by the state Water Resources Control Board.

The changes are expected to remain in place until the board issues its framework for permanent conservation standards in early 2017. The move follows a recent decision by the board to allow water suppliers to set their own short-term reduction requirements based on local water supply conditions.

Customers’ conservation targets continue to be based on 2013 use and will appear on their bills. Cal Water will suspend surcharges for all customers, at least temporarily.

“Although we received more rain this year, many parts of the state continue to experience severe drought conditions,” said Ron Richardson, Los Altos District manager for Cal Water. “And while we have adequate short-term water supplies, it is our responsibility to ensure that we have enough water to meet long-term needs and permanent conservation standards expected in the future.”

Prohibited uses of water, water-waste violations and irrigation schedules will remain in effect.

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