Fourth Annual History Week

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Louis Pare, chief engineer at LockheedLos Altos High School is slated to present its fourth annual History Week with the theme “Environmentalism Then and Now: Empowering Student Actions.”

Scheduled Monday through Feb. 12, the week will include a wide range of speakers who will share their expertise on past and present environmental issues and preservation activities.

Students will learn about the science behind climate change from Zena Zendejas, program associate from Alliance for Climate Education, who will challenge them to “do one thing” during the week to protect the climate. Erik Distler from Green Sports Alliance will describe the history of the group’s work with the professional sports industry to promote environmentally friendly practices, from water conservation to minimizing game-day waste. Dan Jacobson, legislative director for Environment California, will discuss how business interests are threatening the state’s groundbreaking ban on single-use plastic bags.

Assistant History Professor Mikael Wolfe from Stanford University and Don Weden, former senior planner for Santa Clara County, will explore the history of environmentalism. Jeff Kirschner will share about how he founded Litterati, a social media campaign that tracks litter on Instagram. Environmental hip-hop artist AshEl Eldridge will demonstrate how he brings ecological activism to life through rap music.

Students, their families and local residents are invited to attend a community movie night in Eagle Theater. Paige Miller, communications manager at Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, will moderate the event. Miller trained with Al Gore and specializes in communication about climate change issues. Following her short presentation, the theater will screen a feature film dramatizing the effects of global climate change.


Foothill Hosts Annual Physics Show

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Foothill College physics instructor Frank CascaranoFoothill College has scheduled its annual 90-minute Physics Show this weekend.

Shows designed to introduce children ages 5 and older and their parents to science concepts and demonstrations are slated for January 23rd & 24th in Smithwick Theatre (Room 1001) at the college, 12345 S. El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills.

The Physics Show spotlights scientific concepts such as light, sound, resonance and pressure. From breaking glass with sound to a professor emerging unharmed after reclining on a bed of nails while being hit with a sledgehammer, each demonstration links physics explanations to everyday experiences.

“Physics is fun – that’s the most important lesson we want audiences of all ages to take away from the Physics Show,” said Foothill College physics instructor Frank Cascarano, M.S., the show’s creator. “Physics is all around us, so we want youngsters and adults to think about physics when they’re playing on a swing at recess, navigating a drone, shooting hoops after school, answering a cellphone, cooking dinner and many other daily activities.”

Now in its 10th year, Cascarano estimates that more than 70,000 Bay Area residents have attended the Physics Show. Faculty and staff from the Foothill College Physics Department sponsor the event. Proceeds fund scholarships for Foothill students, science education outreach activities at local elementary and middle schools, and future Physics Show performances.

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