Amber India Coming To Los Altos

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A delicious optionAmber India is coming to Los Altos and picked a storied location for its new restaurant – the huge eatery at 4926 El Camino Real already has a place in local history books.

Passersby can be forgiven for not noticing the sprawling three-story structure tucked away among office buildings a few blocks south of San Antonio Road. But long before housing a series of kebab restaurants, before its stint as an Italian bistro, the building saw music legend being made.

When Larry Hancock created Chuck’s Cellar in the late 1960s, it drew headliners ranging from the Kingston Trio to John Stewart, who recorded part of an album there. Grainy footage of one folk performance still lives on, courtesy of YouTube.

Vijay Bist, Amber India’s founder, aims to recapture some hint of ’60s nostalgia in the space, paired with a north Indian-style menu he’s made famous on the Peninsula. Over the past 20 years, Amber India has worked its way onto best-of lists from its Mountain View location farther south on El Camino Real, and recently opened new outposts in San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Jose.

Bist said the new Los Altos Amber would have an old-Hollywood feel, with tapas-style Indian and Californian food in the downstairs lounge, and Amber’s traditional offerings (famous for: butter chicken) in the main dining room upstairs, which includes a large outdoor patio space. The cooking staff from the original Amber will move to the new location, he said, and add new seasonal, healthful additions to the classic menu.  Stay tuned.



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