Celebrating 20 Years Of “Portfolio Day”

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Portfolio DayEgan Junior High School eighth-graders marked the end of their time in junior high by presenting their work and reviewing their progress in seventh and eighth grades for an audience of adults.

The students participated in the 20th annual Portfolio Day June 5. Through personal interviews with community members, the students showcased their academic achievements during their studies at Egan.

Divided into small groups, students were assigned to one or two adults from the community. Students shared their most valuable work as the adults provided feedback, asked pertinent questions and commended students for their achievements. The interchange offered students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

According to organizers, Portfolio Day increases student motivation, builds a sense of accomplishment and fosters community involvement in the school.

New to the process this year was a streamlining of the student portfolios, which the adults browsed through before meeting with students. Students now develop their own websites to showcase their work and the assignments they choose to highlight in their presentations.

In small groups, students prepare a presentation for the beginning of the meeting that highlights a day in the life of an Egan student.

For more information, visit eganschool.org/egan/6696-PD.html



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