LAEF Raises $3.3 million For Schools

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LASD STEMThe Los Altos Educational Foundation recently reached its annual fundraising goal of $3.3 million for the Los Altos School District.

The foundation raises funds to supplement the financial resources of the district to support additional academic and enrichment programs that improve the overall education of students in district schools.

The grant will continue to benefit the following elementary and junior-high programs.

• Los Altos Art Docent lessons.

• Twenty-five hours of library operation per week per elementary school.

• A library coordinator.

• K-3 class-size reduction through small-group literacy aides.

• Elementary school music and physical-education programs. In the next school year, kindergartners will receive lessons from a PE specialist.

• Junior high class-size reductions to 25:1 in English, math, social studies and science courses.

• Elective offerings – seventh- and eighth-graders will choose two electives.

• A junior-high library program, open five periods per day and after school.

The second part of the foundation’s grant, the Innovation Grant, is designated for K-8 programs that promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

The Innovation Grant includes the CSTEM program, which adds computer science education in sixth grade. Nancy Davis, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, said the goal is to expand the CSTEM program from sixth grade into the junior highs.

In addition to CSTEM, the foundation’s Innovation Grant supports the district’s technology integration coach, STEM coach and STEM teacher on each elementary school campus.

The foundation is currently accepting donations for the 2014-2015 school year. Donations may be made online as a one-time gift or via automatically deducted installments.

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