A Library For The People, By The People

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Los Altos librarian Judith GreggLos Altos’ new head librarian not only wants residents to view the city’s two libraries as valued local resources, but also as places for them to share their passions with others.

Judith Gregg, appointed community librarian of the main library and Woodland Branch March 17, said she aims to bring an open-door approach to her new position. She wants Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents to have a hand in determining local programming. Part of her plan includes scheduling more poetry readings and book talks by local authors promoting their work.

Gregg believes that a local library should serve as a place that offers inclusive programming inspired by “grassroots ideas from the community.”

“I think a community librarian is in a unique position to create partnerships with other groups and people in town and make (the library) the center of the community,” said Gregg. “There’s so much talent that I’d like to draw on in the community and have them bring it to the library to share with others.”

“I’ve never had such a warm welcome. People were so pleased to see me. And Los Altos is the prettiest town I’ve seen in a long while, as well.” Gregg noted that the community’s enthusiasm for its libraries makes her job easier.



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