Visit Highlights New Teacher Project

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LASD VisitorsTwo representatives from the Singapore Ministry of Education visited the Los Altos School District recently to observe the district’s New Teacher Project.

The Singapore Ministry of Education, which is scheduled to adopt the district’s two-year mentor program for new teachers, assigned the representatives to visit local schools and shadow new-teacher mentors to experience the program firsthand.

The New Teacher Project is part of a larger consortium of Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz groups that support and assess the advancement of skills and knowledge in a continuous flow from preservice through the first years of teaching and beyond.

The program model assists participating teachers as they enter the teaching profession through two years of induction. The focus is to improve classroom practice, ensure student academic success and develop reflective teachers who are responsive to the diverse cultural, social, academic and linguistic backgrounds of all students.

Twenty-seven teachers in the Los Altos School District currently take part in the program. For more information, visit



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