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The Makery iThe door to The Makery swings open, revealing yarn, fabrics and kits arranged in a spectrum of colors.

Apart from the steady hum of a sewing machine and the tap of shoes on the hardwood floor, the room is quiet. The inkpads, rubber stamps and well-lit tables sit unmarked and unused. The entire shop hums with unfulfilled creative energy, ready for its new customers.

Los Altos entrepreneur Mary Heffernan launched the arts and crafts studio last month at 170 State St. It is a new addition to her growing stable of downtown Los Altos businesses that include Bumble, Area 151 and Red Racer Hobby Shop.

“I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts, but it’s really hard to find all the best materials,” Heffernan said. “I wanted to create one place with all of the nicest materials, right here.”

The shop imports wool felt from Holland, felt balls from Nepal and yarn from Petaluma. It also boasts a Vandercook printing press, a screen-printing machine and a 3-D printer.

Customers can sign up for one-on-one instruction, but the studio also supplies iPads with tutorials at each station and a self-taught online program. Additionally, the studio offers computer-based design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and 3-D printing.

The Makery continues its trend of local sourcing.  “I think it’s important to be locally sourced,” Heffernan said. “Everything (aside from imported materials) you see here was manufactured locally.”

The store sells retail kits and products from other vendors, but Heffernan aspires to fill her shelves increasingly with Makery-made items.

The Makery iiThe store’s employees, also known as “Makers,” create items onsite. The Makers have all worked professionally in the arts and crafts.

Heffernan’s studio and shop combination is geared toward making high-quality crafting handy for people with busy lives.

“We try to make it easy for people by preparing all the materials beforehand,” she said. “We pre-wrap the yarn, make kits and provide all the supplies and working space to increase efficiency.”

Heffernan hopes to spread her love of crafting to others who haven’t tried it before.

“I really hope that people who don’t consider themselves crafty would come and do something with their hands,” she added. “They could give it to someone, and say, ‘Hey, I made this.’”

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