The Makery Reintroduce Arts & Crafts

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The Makery iThe door to The Makery swings open, revealing yarn, fabrics and kits arranged in a spectrum of colors.

Apart from the steady hum of a sewing machine and the tap of shoes on the hardwood floor, the room is quiet. The inkpads, rubber stamps and well-lit tables sit unmarked and unused. The entire shop hums with unfulfilled creative energy, ready for its new customers.

Los Altos entrepreneur Mary Heffernan launched the arts and crafts studio last month at 170 State St. It is a new addition to her growing stable of downtown Los Altos businesses that include Bumble, Area 151 and Red Racer Hobby Shop.

“I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts, but it’s really hard to find all the best materials,” Heffernan said. “I wanted to create one place with all of the nicest materials, right here.”

The shop imports wool felt from Holland, felt balls from Nepal and yarn from Petaluma. It also boasts a Vandercook printing press, a screen-printing machine and a 3-D printer.

Customers can sign up for one-on-one instruction, but the studio also supplies iPads with tutorials at each station and a self-taught online program. Additionally, the studio offers computer-based design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and 3-D printing.

The Makery continues its trend of local sourcing.  “I think it’s important to be locally sourced,” Heffernan said. “Everything (aside from imported materials) you see here was manufactured locally.”

The store sells retail kits and products from other vendors, but Heffernan aspires to fill her shelves increasingly with Makery-made items.

The Makery iiThe store’s employees, also known as “Makers,” create items onsite. The Makers have all worked professionally in the arts and crafts.

Heffernan’s studio and shop combination is geared toward making high-quality crafting handy for people with busy lives.

“We try to make it easy for people by preparing all the materials beforehand,” she said. “We pre-wrap the yarn, make kits and provide all the supplies and working space to increase efficiency.”

Heffernan hopes to spread her love of crafting to others who haven’t tried it before.

“I really hope that people who don’t consider themselves crafty would come and do something with their hands,” she added. “They could give it to someone, and say, ‘Hey, I made this.’”

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Beautifully Updated Ranch Home

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295 Vernal Court, Los Altos, CA 94022
Listed at $1,898,000 / Sold at $1,950,000
4 Bed / 2.5 Baths / Home: 1,950 sqft / Lot Size: 11,000 sqft +/-
Single Family Detached
Represented: Seller & Buyer


New Gallery Offers Cutting-edge Art

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Outer Space GalleryThe Novogratz family greeted guests July 13 at the opening of their Gallery Outer Space, a pop-up art gallery at 359 State St. featuring the work of contemporary artists.

The gallery is open through Nov. 13, with artwork available for purchase.

According to Robert Novogratz, Gallery Outer Space marks the family’s Bay Area design debut. Working in collaboration with the H&H Co. of Los Altos, he said the gallery is designed to be cutting edge yet accessible.

In addition to visual art, the gallery owners will offer live entertainment. Helene Attia, a French cabaret singer, is scheduled to perform Thursday. The Lloyd Gregory Trio, a jazz guitar group, is slated to play Friday.

Gallery hours are noon to 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays.

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Health Center Offers New Model Of Care

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ECHEl Camino Hospital’s Senior Health Center is designed to ensure access to fully integrated, comprehensive care so that seniors can remain healthy and independent as long as possible.

A new approach to senior care, the center, one of the first of its kind in Northern California, provides a “patient-centered medical home” to patients 65 and older, according to administrators.

Patrick Kearns, M.D., a longtime gerontologist and chronic-care expert, serves as the center’s medical director and was instrumental in its creation.

“It is estimated that by the year 2020, Santa Clara County’s population of adults over 65 will reach close to 300,000, nearly double what it is today, and these adults will be dealing with a wide array of chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” Kearns said. “This makes it imperative to have this ‘patient-centered medical home’ model that offers a better way to help them manage their ongoing care.”

Kearns has worked with Silicon Valley’s aging population for three decades, as both a physician and an administrator at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. At Valley Med, he served in leadership roles in chronic-care management, diabetes care, inpatient management, clinical nutrition, primary care and intensive care. He also has served on numerous local and national initiatives and task forces in those areas.

The Senior Health Center’s multidisciplinary team provides integrated care under the direction of board-certified internists and geriatricians who work directly with patients’ current physicians to coordinate services at the center and in the community. Patients have the opportunity to select a primary-care physician, if they do not already have one, and are supported by a care team – a nurse coordinator, a nutritionist, a geriatric case worker, a pharmacist and other experts as needed.

The center supports patients with tools and techniques that help them stay involved in their health-care management. Among those tools is a secure, online patient portal tied to the patient’s medical record. The portal enables patients to communicate with their entire care team, access test results, schedule appointments and track their medical care.

Creating an extensive support network for older adults is an important piece of the medical home concept.

“One of the key differences with the Senior Health Center is that we provide comprehensive care to the patient through an extensive care team, focus on wellness and independence and spend the time needed with each patient and their caregivers necessary to improve health,” said Scott Farr, vice president of Continuum of Care, who works with Kearns. “Here, the patient comes first.”


Art On The Go: “Project Los Altos”

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Jeremy BlakeWhen the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art closed for renovations June 2, curators launched the two-and-a-half-year expansion project with traveling “SFMOMA On the Go” displays.

One outreach exhibition, “Project Los Altos: SFMOMA in Silicon Valley,” is scheduled to open in downtown Los Altos and run from Nov. 9 through March 2.

Taylor Robinson, former co-director of Passerelle Investment Co., knew a trustee at SFMOMA with whom she discussed the company’s mission to revitalize downtown Los Altos.

“We introduced ‘Project Los Altos’ to Passerelle and they said it would be great” to see contemporary art in the city, said SFMOMA curator Janet Bishop.

Last fall, Robinson and Amanda Tevis, a former co-director of Passerelle, approached Los Altos Mayor Jarrett Fishpaw and City Manager Marcia Somers with the idea.

“I said yes immediately,” said Somers, adding that she is now focusing on what the city can do to enhance the experience for Los Altos residents.

Although the city “doesn’t have the kind of money to contribute cash,” Somers said, it plans to “contribute in-kind.”

Los Altos School District Superintendent Jeff Baier has pledged his support, and Somers foresees the Public Arts Commission developing an educational component to “Project Los Altos.”

“Public art enhances life in the community, and here we have a strong history of that,” Somers said.

Because the exhibition is scheduled around the holidays, Somers added that organizers count on new visitors to Los Altos who may have just driven by in the past.

Passerelle Director Brooke Ray Smith, who earned two degrees in urban planning, deems public art “a hot topic right now as a way to catalyze community vitality.”

Smith said she hopes “Project Los Altos” will redefine contemporary art for audiences.

“It’s not really a scary thing that has to be in whitewashed walls in echoing hallways,” she said. “It’s something that you can experience every day that you might walk by in the downtown.”

The museum chose nine artists to participate in “Project Los Altos,” two whose projects have ties to the city and seven with newly commissioned works.

The exhibition, scheduled at various venues in Los Altos, both indoors and out, will include the work of artists Jeremy Blake, Spencer Finch, Charles Garoian, Christian Jankowski, Chris Johanson, Mike Mills, Katerina Sedá, Alec Soth and Jessica Stockholder.

The works of Blake and Garoian boast Los Altos connections. The Winchester Mystery House inspired Blake’s “Winchester” animation trilogy from the SFMOMA collection. Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune and the violence on which it was built, owned the 100 acres that later became the city of Los Altos.

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Silver Creek Country Club

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Roxburghe Ct

5341 Roxburghe Ct, San Jose, CA 95138
Listed at $975,000 / Sold at $942,500
4 Bed / 3 Baths / Home: 2,095 sqft / Lot Size: 3,484 sqft +/-
Single Family Detached
Represented: Buyer


Assessor Sees Rise In Local Property Values

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Property TaxSeveral thousand homeowners throughout Santa Clara County – including 1,100 in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills – should expect an increase in their property taxes, according to the Office of the County Assessor.

County Assessor Larry Stone reported that approximately 47,000 properties would see their assessed values fully restored this year following the real estate market downturn. Another 81,000 properties in the county, including nearly 750 in Los Altos, will experience a partial restoration of the assessed values, which Stone noted was a reflection of the surging residential property market.

“Unemployment has dropped to 7 percent, faster than the nation or the state. The NASDAQ is soaring. Apartment rents have reached record levels with single-family homes close behind. It was inevitable that property taxes would follow,” Stone said in a statement released June 6.

Stone said that while increases in property taxes are never welcome, this is “ good news” for the local economy – and homeowners.

“It means the value of most families’ single most valuable asset, their home, is once again regaining solid equity lost in the collapse of the residential housing market,” he said.

The news comes after 136,000 residential properties were assessed below their purchase price last year. Stone’s report noted that when the market value of a property declines below the previously established assessed value measured as of Jan. 1 each year (lien date), the assessor is required proactively to reduce the assessed value to reflect the lower market value. However, as the real estate market rebounds, the assessor must restore the assessed values.

Proposition 8, passed by California voters in 1978, mandates that property owners are entitled to the lower of the fair market value of their property (as of Jan. 1), or the base-year value as determined at the time of purchase or construction, and increased in accordance with Proposition 13 by no more than 2 percent annually.

“If a property assessment was reduced during the recession, the restoration of its assessed value is not limited to 2 percent, until the market value reaches a property’s purchase price plus the annual inflation increase of no more than 2 percent,” Stone said. “The market solely determines whether the assessed value of a property is reduced or restored.”

The assessor mailed more than 478,000 assessment notices June 28 to property owners in Santa Clara County. In addition to outlining assessed property value, the notice also details the process for requesting an informal review of the assessment. According to the report, the Assessor’s Office will complete as many informal reviews as possible prior to Aug. 1, the deadline for making changes reflected on the property-tax bill mailed in October. Additionally, the letter includes language outlining the process for filing a formal assessment appeal by the Sept. 16 deadline.

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