EV Charging Stations Coming Soon

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The Los Altos City Council Feb. 12 gave the green light for installation of three electric-vehicle charging stations in the city.

A U.S. Department of Energy grant to ChargePoint Inc., a Campbell-based manufacturer of charging stations, made the three 240-volt units available to the city at no expense. Although the units, which retail for $6,800 each, are free, the city will incur installation expenses of approximately $30,000.

ā€œIā€™m so excited that we are going to get these EV chargers and that the city has jumped on the chance to get these free stations,ā€ said Los Altos resident and electric-vehicle owner Maddy McBirney during public comment.

When fully operational, the devices charge two cars per unit. With a $1 per hour charging fee, the city expects to cover all electrical costs, maintenance and annual fees.

To minimize expenses and maximize user convenience, the city selected strategic locations for the chargers based on electrical line accessibility and parking demand. Two of the chargers will be located in Plaza 3 between San Antonio Road and Third Street, with the third installed adjacent to Bus Barn Theater in the civic center.

If there are no delays, the charger installations could be complete by the end of March.



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