Mission Trail Improves Diversion Rate

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This past Fall, the City of Los Altos signed a new contract for solid waste management.  When the City made that decision, they didn’t just begin a new chapter, they began a whole new book.

Since that time, residents have applauded the switch from the previous company.  A new era in environmental sustainability was underway, and the results have been better than expected.  Recently, the Town Crier wrote a article about this year’s event at Egan Jr High. Enjoy …

Mission Trail Waste Systems’ garbage collection service has steadily improved the city’s recycling and landfill diversion rates since the company began servicing Los Altos last September, according to members of the Environmental Commission.

Mission Trail signed a 10-year contract with Los Altos, replacing Recology (formerly Los Altos Garbage Company) as the city’s provider of garbage and recycling services.

“Los Altos is a pleasure to service,” said Teresa Montgomery, Mission Trail’s public relations manager. “(The residents) want to make the most of our services.”

In establishing the new garbage service, Los Altos’ stipulations included a target diversion rate of 75 percent, which Mission Trail is obligated to meet, according to Don Bray, commission vice chairman.

Diversion rate is the percentage of waste materials redirected from traditional disposal in landfills that can be recycled, composted or reused.

Los Altos’ diversion rate increased from 67 percent last September to approximately 73 percent last December, according to a Montgomery supplied table.

“Clearly, Mission Trail’s service is making great progress toward (the city’s) goal,” Bray said. “Use of new color-coded rolling bins, single-stream processing of all recyclable materials and the ability to mix food wastes with yard wastes in a single organics bin, have been popular with citizens and are major contributors to these gains.”

Diversion offers economic and environmental benefits, according to Bray. Recycling saves money and reduces environmental impacts, diversion of food wastes and soiled paper products reduces landfill costs and significantly reduces methane emissions from landfills, he said.



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