Additional High School Campus Improvements

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There are many reasons to move into Los Altos.  Consistently, however, most people speak about the great schools.  One thing to know about Los Altos, it’s always improving upon the foundations of success.  One such area are the High School facilities.

Recently, the Town Crier published an article on the upcoming renovation efforts following the successful school bond election in June.   It’s great to see the High School District investing in sustainable projects.  Here is a slightly edited recap of the article.  Enjoy …

Mountain View Los Altos Union High School officials prioritized the projects that the $41.3 million bond initiative, approved June 8, will fund.

The district designated the bond money for new classrooms, science labs, energy-efficient upgrades, fire and safety improvements, a new swimming pool at Mountain View High School and solar canopies at both schools.

Scheduled to begin construction Nov. 29 and end in April, the installation of solar canopies in the school parking lots is the first project. The board recently approved a contract with Cupertino Electric Inc. to install a 1.2-megawatt solar-panel system at each high school. The solar canopies are estimated to meet 45 percent of the district’s electrical needs.

“This is the equivalent of powering 100 average-size homes,” said Superintendent Barry Groves in a release to the Town Crier.

The systems will comprise approximately 95,000 square feet of photovoltaic canopies, located predominantly in the parking lots.

With $1.6 million in PG&E rebates and a savings of $250,000 annually, the $7.1 million project should pay for itself quickly as well as save electrical power. The power generated by the solar canopies is equivalent to that of 217 automobiles, the release reported.

District officials listed the approved projects, their estimated completion dates and their budget estimates.

• Solar projects, including new classroom additions: Phase 1 (parking lots), completion in 2011; Phase 2 (classrooms), completion in 2013, budget estimate $8.3 million.

• New classrooms and renovations to existing classrooms: completion in 2013, budget estimate $23.5 million.

• Fire and life safety upgrades, including repairs: completion in 2011, budget estimate $1.8 million.

• Technology fund for implementing new equipment and upgrades: completion in 10 years, budget estimate $2 million.

• School repairs, energy and environmental projects: ongoing work from 2011 through 2014, budget estimate $2.2 million.

• Mountain View High School pool and weight room: completion 2012, budget estimate $3.5 million.

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