Restaurant Spotlight – Chef Chu’s

Chef Lawrence Chu, with 40 years of restaurant experience, prides himself on elegant dining, gourmet food to go, full-service catering, banquet facilities, and creative cooking classes, all with wonderful Chinese restaurant food.

Just last week, I was fortunate to join Chef Chu at his anniversary celebration.  It was wonderful to see the community turn out to honor a wonderful chef, his family, and his restaurant.

As for the restaurant, you should know that the menu offerings are so extensive that you can easily enjoy a custom culinary experience each time you visit.  The food deserves, and receives, accolades from the hundreds who dine at the restaurant each week.  Even the Yelp reviews attest to the delicious cornucopia of the menu selections.

As a restaurant reviewer once stated, “Chef Chu … has been called a standard-setter, and he is. One expects and gets no less from this Sichuan-born, Taiwan raised, son of a gentleman from Hunan.”

Beyond his obvious talents in the kitchen, Chef Chu has made many contributions to the greater community.  As founder of the Asian Chef Association, Lawrence Chu organized events that have raised over $100,000 to fight human trafficking and $250,000 for tsunami victims.

Closer to home, he’s led a group of chefs in providing Thanksgiving meals to 2,000 people through Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, and has donated hundreds of raffle items and free catering services to numerous local causes and organizations, including schools, PTA walkathons, the Children’s Health Council, El Camino Hospital and the El Camino YMCA.  Wow!

In a recent Town Crier article, it was reported that in addition to Chef Chu’s being ranked as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country, the article also noted that Chef Lawrence Chu’s received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence at an industry awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

If you are interested in trying your hand at one of Chef Chu’s recipes, you can pick up book at the restaurant.  In the book, he tells you how to prepare Chinese dishes that rival those served in his restaurant.

So, there you have it.  If you are on the lookout for some good Chinese food, this is the place.  Whether you choose to dine in, or order food online for takeout, I am confident that you will not be disappointed.  While Los Altos has dozens of good restaurants in town, Chef Chu’s continues to set the bar … both in the quality of their food, and their commitment on giving back to the community.



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