The Best Roads in Santa Clara County

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One again, Los Altos has received accolades for the condition of its roads. For the third year in a row, the community has received the highest road rating in Santa Clara County. No one likes a pothole, or streets that are not properly maintained. Buying a home is more than just buying into a neighborhood; it is about buying into a community.

There have been many write-ups on the various aspects of a well run City. Included in these criteria are: consistently balance the budget, without raising taxes; and maintain excellent services, while reinvesting in the basic infrastructure. Yep, that’s Los Altos.

Below are highlights from a recent article, which included the official rating of Los Altos roads …

The condition of the region’s roads improved slightly with a recent infusion of federal stimulus dollars, but the streets still suffer from wear and tear and risk sliding into distress, a regional transportation commission reported Tuesday.

In a conclusion all too familiar to many motorists, the annual state of the pavement report tells drivers they are in for a bumpy ride dodging potholes in many areas that put them at risk of having to pay for front-end alignments.

Some cities bucked the trend.

Using a 100-point scale, the MTC concluded the three-year average grade for 42,000 miles of Bay Area city and county roads was 66. That’s a “fair” grade overall, the MTC said, and up a single point from last year’s three-year average grade.

Brentwood’s score of 85 was the best in the Bay Area, earning a “very good” grade, but still short of the 90 score needed to be “excellent.”

In Santa Clara County, Los Altos had the best roads, and also scored the second best rating in the Bay Area, overall, with a score of 83.

The worst roads in Santa Clara County were in San Jose, which received a “fair” score of 63. Participating for the first time this year, Palo Alto earned a “good grade with a score of 72.

Unincorporated roads in Sonoma County ranked worst in the region with a score of 44.



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