A Successful Los Altos Real Estate Partnership

This week, the Los Altos Town Crier profiled this web site, and our partnership with Tony Campitelli of C4 Marketing. Below is the news story written by Ya-an Chan …

Homebuyers from Germany or South Africa may know nothing about Los Altos and are not always in a position to visit before making a real estate decision.

Tony Campitelli & Carol CasasLos Altos resident Tony Campitelli, former vice president of marketing at Laszlo Systems in Silicon Valley, saw this as a gap in real estate marketing. Most realtors do not have the time to explore new ways of real estate marketing because they are occupied with the day-to-day tasks of getting a new listing, finding a hopeful buyer or finishing the paperwork, according to Campitelli.

“So I came to this conclusion,” he said. “I’m going to help them.”

Campitelli founded C4 Marketing LLC, a new approach to real estate marketing that allows buyers to discover the community beyond the standard online descriptions of the property. He said C4 Marketing provides an online marketing system with professional corporate branding that assists real estate agents who “want to take the business to another level.” It presents realtors online as the experts of the areas on which they focus.

David and Carol Casas, of Intero Real Estate Services, tested the new concept. They built a Web site, Move Into Los Altos (www.moveintolosaltos.com), in collaboration with Campitelli and C4 Marketing. The site features property descriptions and detailed information on the area’s schools, business associations, cultural activities, parks and local government. It includes blogs with updated information about upcoming community events. As a result, prospective buyers not only are informed about the property, but also have a picture of the type of community they are considering.

David Casas, a Los Altos City Councilman, said Campitelli’s company, which integrates multiple media platforms, is an example of the Los Altos community’s entrepreneurship.

“In a time of economic turmoil, to know that we have residents creating opportunities, creating business and creating ideas is wonderful,” he said.

Since the launch of Move Into Los Altos, the Casas’ have worked with homebuyers from such countries as Taiwan, Japan, India and the United Kingdom.

Campitelli said he continued refining the initial system and officially founded C4 Marketing in January 2009. The “C4,” Campitelli said, refers to C-4 plastic explosives, as in explosive marketing.

The Casas’ said they are impressed with the results. A property at 190 Hillview Avenue they recently put on the market sold in 23 days. A New Jersey company found MoveIntoLosAltos.com by searching on Google, approached the husband-wife team to help relocate an employee’s family.

“As they found (David and Carol) online, they’re realizing that David and Carol are the knowledgeable experts in the community,” Campitelli said. “They know what’s going on, they write about the shows, the Farmers’ Market, the movie night – they’re telling a story about what it’s like to live here.”

Realtors can launch multiple Web sites, including community- and property-specific sites, write blogs and link videos, which they post on YouTube, to their Web sites.

A main benefit of his new advertising tool for real estate, Campitelli said, is the analytics provided by the system. The report shows the most-searched keywords and which sources generate the most traffic (i.e., direct traffic, referring sites and search engines).

The data, he said, give realtors direction on the types of content that are most effective.

Carol Casas said the analysis not only helps realtors to understand where their marketing dollars are most effective, but also allows home sellers to track how many people are viewing their property information.

For more information about C4 Marketing, call (650) 619-6678 or visit www.c4marketingllc.com.



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