Green Town Los Altos

Carbon FootprintA year ago, Carol and I were offered the opportunity to conduct an assessment of our carbon footprint. We participated in a very thorough assessment of our home, cars, travel, and life choices. The best part of the process was receiving a mini-tutorial on how best to ensure we made informed environmental choices.  

Who is this group helping Los Altos think green, be green, and live green? Green Town Los Altos.

It is interesting to reflect on the impact the organization has had on the community since they formed almost two years ago. For background, Green Town is a non-partisan environmental organization comprised, in part, by residents who live in Los Altos. They are working towards educating other residents to change behaviors and to reduce waste, water and energy use at home, in businesses, in schools and in our local government. Additionally, and more broadly, they have chosen to participate in collaborative Bay Area efforts to influence regional sustainability.

From helping the recent Rotary Art Show successfully divert 70 percent of their waste product out of the landfill, to helping the City’s Environmental Commission frame a set of recommendations for the upcoming 2010 Garbage contract … Green Town continues to engage residents, and the City, in a meaningfully productive dialog.

While there are many organizations that help make Los Altos a unique and wonderful place to live and raise a family, Green Town has clearly been able to tap into the interests, passions and desires of many residents and local businesses.

Green Town Los AltosRecently, Green Town’s Board proposed a business cooperative for the local restaurants, designed to help them switch to environmentally preferable take-out containers and products … at affordable prices. The proposal supports an underlying environmental initiative, with a tangible economic benefit as an outcome for the businesses that choose to participate.

Last week, I had the chance to survey residents at a local restaurant which has already made the switch to environmental containers. A unanimous outcome of their opinion was their appreciation that Le Boulanger, in Los Altos, had chosen to take the environmental lead within their chain of restaurants. Their remaining restaurant locations are now planning to make the switch as soon as possible. As an aside, Le Boulanger has an abundance of great bread and food products to select from. The day I visited, the restaurant was packed.

At the end of the day, Green Town continues to make a difference. Like a diamond, Los Altos has many facets. This organization is yet another way for residents to get involved in the community. Check out their web site. I’m sure they’d warmly welcome you to any of their meetings or gatherings. We just might see you there.



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